Marcia Mccraw

Endorsed by the Seattle Times


In my career, I have seen the benefits of trade, tourism, and the benefit of open markets to the people of Washington, whether they are growing apples, bottling wine, building airplanes or writing code. I lived and studied in Asia and speak Mandarin Chinese; I know the importance of trade and appreciate how our state has been enriched by the contributions of the diverse groups of people who make up Washington. I am eager to serve this great State and the hard working people in it.

I will work for a better Washington for all of us. We all want a solid return on the taxes and fees we pay. I want to work with you to renew Washington’s infrastructure and job base. A thriving economy creates the revenue we need to provide our children with an excellent education.

I will work for a Washington that has Ports full of container and cruise ships; and that exports its goods and services to the world. Let's work together for a Washington that truly meets the needs of its citizens.