Marcia Mccraw

Endorsed by the Seattle Times

Renew Washington

You may have noticed that every time a problem surfaces, the response from Olympia is to set up a new program and spend millions of our tax dollars on it.

But we have a great opportunity to incorporate the power of volunteerism into the day-to-day running of our state. We have thousands of volunteer organizations dealing with childhood disease, foster children, the aged, the homeless, at-risk youth, and just about anything else you can name. A statewide database offering opportunities to every citizen that wishes to volunteer is a way to use technology and the energy of Washingtonians to meet the needs of our fellow citizens without a new government program! I want to make this a reality – with your help.

I am a Board member and a past chairman of the Puget Sound Chapter of USO and am proud to have spent many, many hours raising funds for that organization. I have been a board member and executive committee member of religious and other organizations. I have also donated my time to such organizations as the YWCA and United Way, so I know the power that volunteer organizations have to benefit our fellow citizens.