Marcia Mccraw

Endorsed by the Seattle Times

Marcia McCraw is an advocate for patients’ rights. As a lawyer, she served with a firm that enforced the rights of patients under Washington and Federal Law. In a more forward-looking stand that was courageous at the time for a Republican candidate, she endorsed Washington’s medical marijuana provision, saying:

“We have to stop the politicians and bureaucrats who are trying to make it impossible to legally grow, possess and use medical marijuana. They are forcing chronically and terminally ill patients to purchase their medicine from illegal drug dealers, and this must stop."

Such statements follow a long line of commitments to patients in Washington. Her efforts may be responsible for the difference in medical malpractice data between the states of Washington and Maine. It’s important to understand these and other medical malpractice facts when considering the best politician for your vote.

The data shows a clear difference between the medical malpractice stats of the states of Maryland and Washington. Medical malpractice payout amounts for the past few years shows that Maryland has one of the highest payout rates in the United States. Washington on the other hand, is much closer to the middle of the road. The payouts that are reflected in Washington’s stats could mean higher standards for doctors.

Marcia McCraw